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Phase 1 // September-December 2009

Exhibitions - Discussions - Workshops - Guided Tours - Neigbourhood Radio - Annenpost

Participating in what is going on and what is changing in the Annenviertel.
Learning about what moves other people

Pravdoliub Ivanov, Transformation Always Takes Time And Energy, 1998

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

What you face is the kick-off of the project “Annenviertel! The Art of Urban Intervention”. For a period of two years the present and the transformations in the Graz Annenviertel will be highlighted with manifold forms of artistic and cultural practice. This little publication features the programme of the first four months. We would like to cordially invite you to take a closer look at the Annenviertel with us and to participate in the events offered!
What exactly is the Annenviertel? This is the area in downtown Graz with the Annenstrasse in its centre comprising large parts of Lend, the 4th district of Graz, and Gries, the 5th. This project is about the people who turn the Annenviertel into what it is – its regulars, its residents, as well as the people who work and who all animate this area.
What is on the agenda now is the big launch. Now is the time to get started, to communicate, to explore, to discover and to make things visible. Artist, urbanists and activists will deal with the plethora of hot topics at issue in this hood. There will be ample room for participation and free expression of one’s own views. The Bulgarian artist Pravdoliub Ivanov, who contributes in the first phase, has titled his work as follows: “Transformation Always Takes Time and Energy”. This is also a good motto for both city (district) development in general and the Annenviertel in particular!

In this spirit we are counting on a lot of energy from the part of all the people involved and time for a positive development. And we wish you many exciting moments and stimulating discussions.

Margarethe Makovec, Anton Lederer, Elke Krasny
Programme team

The ANNENVIERTEL! kick-off is organized in cooperation with the steirischer herbst festival and with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

ANNENVIERTEL! is supported by:
City of Graz
City of Graz - Cultural Department
State of Styria - Cultural Department
Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture
Culture Programme of the European Union
steirischer herbst

Individual project modules are realized in collaboration with:
City of Graz - Building Authority
Association Women's Service Graz
Styrian Chamber of Labour
Nursery Ecker
ISOP - Innovative Social Projects
City Library Graz
die Scherbe
blendend Concept Store
Bookshop Wendepunkt
Café Restaurant Demiri
Pizzeria Santa Lucia
Café Park
Radio Helsinki
Print shop Alexander Bauer – Wolfgang Khil
Rebikel – association to rescue trash bicycles

ANNENVIERTEL! is part of:
THE ART OF URBAN INTERVENTION a project by < rotor > association for contemporary art/ Graz, University of J. E. Purkyne/ Usti nad Labem, [BLOK] – Local Base for cultural refreshment/ Zagreb (in collaboration with DeLVe | Institute for Duration, Location and Variables, Zagreb), The Blue House Foundation/ Amsterdam, Institute of Contemporary Art Sofia and NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts/ Milano.