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is the attempt to tell the story of a city area of Graz together with its residents...

Created in cooperation between Stadtteilmanagement Annenviertel, the degree program Journalism & PR of FH Joanneum, the advertising agency En Garde and < rotor > center for contemporary art.

Photos of the development
Download of the map

"Our plan of the Annenviertel" was the attempt to describe a city district in a different way, not under a mere touristic point of view. The map has been created by order of the City of Graz and as a co-production of < rotor > center for contemporary art, the design agency En Garde, the Stadtteilmanagement Annenviertel and the degree program Journalism & PR of FH Joanneum. The "Annenviertel MAP" has been presented for the first time at the St. Etienne International Design Biennale (FR). The city district map - as an official contribution by the City of Graz as UNESCO City of Design - was on that occasion part of the exhibition EmpathiCITY. The map has been developed with the participation of more than 50 residents of the Annenviertel, who were mapping the district. 30 first semester students of the University of applied sciences, who also administrate the hyperlocal community-weblog annenpost.at, made additional interviews and supported the work on the texts. Margit Steidl drew the district, En Garde developed the design. The "map" was printed in 20.000 copies in German language and 10.000 copies in English language (format A2), and is available all over the Annenviertel.

You'll see: there is hardly anything you won't find in the Annenviertel. In no other city area of Graz, life is as diverse as here. There are more clubs and call shops, more design and variety stores than anywhere else. There are parks, secret paths, and a wonderful farmer's market. And you'll discover more playful appropriations of the city and interesting initiatives than in all the remaining city districts together.

Don't be surprised: Although everything is available here, the "Annenviertel" as such does not actually exist. It is not delineated on any other city map. Strange! This is going to change now: From now on, the Annenviertel won't only have a name, but also a map - moreover, a map that has been jointly charted by the communities living here and many residents of the Annenviertel themselves. Just for you! In the course of many conversations, they revealed their favorite spots, both useful and odd - places one gladly recommends to neighbors and visitors. "Our Map of the Annenviertel" is the result of these conversations.

One more thing: "Our Map of the Annenviertel" is just one of many possible maps of the Annenviertel you can create. Talk to the local people and they'll cite many other places they hold dear. They will explain to you that the Annenviertel is actually much bigger or smaller than indicated on this map. And they are right. The Annenviertel has no borders. It centers around Annenstraße, but actually goes far beyond it. The Annenviertel can be anywhere. Perhaps, you'll also find a little bit of it inside yourself


Concept: Margarethe Makovec, Mario Rampitsch, Simone Reis, Margit Steidl, Thomas Wolkinger
Texts: class JPR12 of the FH Degree Program Journalism & PR (www.annenpost.at), Joachim Hainzl (Walk), Thomas Wolkinger
Design: EN GARDE (using clichés and types by the print shop A. Bauer)
Illustration: Margit Steidl
Typesetting: Viola Prüller
Translation: Otmar Lichtenwörther
Print: Medienfabrik

Mappers: Fabian (13), Ali , Resi, Shail, Meris, Andreas, Paul, Anna, Lisa, Simon, Stefan, Jürgen, Kara, Tanja, Elisa, Nana, Eva M., Eva P., Gerhard, Markus M., Priska, Theresia, Nina, Cornelia, Thomas, Ali Ö., Chris, Claudia, Joseph, Martin, Claudia H., Sylvia, Tino, Murad, Eva I., Brigit, Doris, ILA, Kurt, Gunda, Markus K., Norbert, Conny, Hermann, Gabi, Pepi, Renate, Eva K., Christof, Wolfgang, Ali K. (58) u.v.a.m.