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Phase 3 // September-December 2010


Pic.: ILA & Karin Lernbeiß, "seeding", 2010



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Ladies and Gentlemen,

perhaps you have followed our spring and summer activities. Many creative people have been hard at work contacting residents of the Annenviertel and have really given their best. In the frame of workshops and participatory projects they wanted to find out which worlds there actually exist in the Annenviertel and who breathes life into them. What the people here think about living, working, shopping, the green spaces etc etc Ö

And it reached many people, indeed! Around the Idlhof alone, where a team went from door to door with drawing boards, 350 people allowed themselves to be persuaded into contributing a drawing. Not bad! But other things too were a surprise for us. For example, the fact that twelve owners of houses in the area responded to our offer of a new house front. Thatís pretty courageous to be able to imagine a young artistís design on oneís own house front! The Volksgarten too was the location of one of our activities. There we organized a series of workshops that were attended by both people who had registered in advance and people who just happened to be in the park and wanted to take part out of curiosity. Spontaneously and in a relaxed atmosphere.

In case we havenít excited your curiosity by now just come and view the exhibition presented in this booklet. We promise you, thereíll be a lot to see again at the < rotor >.

Margarethe Makovec, Anton Lederer, Elke Krasny
The program team

The exhibition The World in a Few Steps is organized in coproduction with the steirischer herbst festival, the City of Graz - Building Authority, District Management Annenviertel, www.stadtentwicklung.graz.at and with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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Stadt Graz: Kulturamt, Amt für Jugend und Familie, Integrationsreferat, Abteilung für Grünraum und Gewässer; Land Steiermark: Kulturabteilung, Landesjugendreferat, Kultur Service Gesellschaft, Cinestyria Filmkunst; Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur; Bezirsrat Lend; Gesunder Bezirk Gries
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