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Phase 4 // March - July 2011


Pic: Community-Poster in Public Space

Diversity, Participation, Spaces of Negotiation

CONFERENCE in the frame of the long-term project
Annenviertel! The Art of Urban Intervention

Dates: Friday, March 11 + Saturday, March 12, 2011

Location: Theater im Bahnhof, Elisabethinergasse 27a, 8020 Graz

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Photos of the Conference

Part 1
Friday, 11.3., 2 – 6:30 pm
The Annenviertel. Art and Urban Neighbourhood Work between Top-down and Bottom-up

With lectures by: Alexa Färber (Berlin / Hamburg), Andreas Lang / public works (London), Emil Jurcan / pulska grupa (Pula), Monika Klengel / TiB (Graz), Doina Petrescu & Constantin Petcou / aaa (Paris/ Sheffield)
Roundtables with: Manfred Kinzer, Nana Pötsch, Simone Reis, Stefan Schmitzer (Graz), Michael Zinganel (Vienna)

Part 2
Saturday, 12.3., 10 am – 1 pm
The Volksgarten. Art in Free Space: Limitation, Exclusion, In-between Spaces

Mit Vorträgen von / With lectures by: Cornelia Ehmayer (Vienna), Joachim Hainzl (Graz), Monika Litscher (Luzern), Mariette Schiltz & Bert Theis (Milan)
Roundtable with: Rainer Rosegger, Nibaldo Vargas (Graz)

Part 3
Saturday, 12.3., 2 – 6:30 pm
The Annenstraße. Transnational Economies between Art and Kebab

With lectures by: Margit Czenki & Christoph Schäfer (Hamburg), Jeanne van Heeswijk (Rotterdam), Sabine Hess (Munich), Seçil Yersel / Oda Projesi & Nadin Reschke (Istanbul / Berlin), Monika Stromberger & Ulrich Tragatschnig (Graz)
Roundtables mit: Daniel Erlacher, Simone Hain, Renate Meschuh, Ali Özbas, Angela Pilch-Ortega Hernández (Graz)

Conception und moderation:
Elke Krasny (Vienna), Judith Laister, Margarethe Makovec & Anton Lederer (all Graz)

Organized by:
< rotor > association for contemporary art
Institute for City- and Building History of the Technical University Graz
Community Work Annenviertel

Conference Languages: German and English

For two years the art association has been running the long-term project Annenviertel! The Art of Urban Intervention, which takes places in a neighbourhood around the Annenstraße, the central street axis between the train station and the city centre, and close to downtown. Moreover, the Annenstraße is a significant shopping street and marks the border of the Graz city districts of Gries and Lend. The area is characterized by a diversity of social and cultural neighbourhoods and has attracted new attention as an attractive business location and living and working space for about ten years. , too, settled here in 2000 and has since then inscribed itself into the city district by means of continued artistic and communicative activities. Alongside participatory projects in the frame of the EU project “The Art of Urban Intervention“, the term Annenviertel was proposed as a new name for the district to encourage identity-establishing thinking about this area beyond the borders of the district.

Now it is time to gather local and international players in the frame of a conference in order to discuss opportunities and risks, expectations and perspectives of artistic action in the public and social space of a city district. The conference “City District Cultures. Diversity, Participation, Spaces of Negotiation” will deal with up-to-date artistic forms of collaboration in a city district and ask for means, possibilities and limits of the participation of people living and/or working there and using it. Which role can /shall art play in an urban environment such as the Annenviertel? Or, which role does it want to play? Based on three site-specific themes (the Annenviertel as a whole, Volksgarten and Annenstraße) we will illustrate and negotiate international comparative examples in three conference units on a thematically connective level.

1. The Annenviertel: Art and City District Work between Top-down and Bottom-up
Every city has its own “Annenviertel“, where global phenomena (such as the transformation of the working environment, migration, the top-down call for ‘upgrading’ a region expressed by political and business representatives, …) become particularly apparent in the local everyday life. Which possibilities of communication and networking do we have? To which extent have the people a determining bottom-up influence on the developments within a city district, or even possibly can take them into their own hands? Can self-governance be an issue? How can we approach and activate people from the district so that they participate in artistic projects?

2. The Volksgarten: Art in Free Space: Limitation, Exclusion, In-between Spaces
The Volksgarten is the largest park in the district and as such an important space for leisure activities and relaxation. Various different groups make use of this offer; accordingly, the space is segmented. Hence, who takes up which free space in the park? Which forms of action take place there – lawfully or unlawfully? How do inclusion into and exclusion from public spaces work? How (creatively) do people deal with the restrictions in the treatment of public areas? Which (cultural) techniques are available to “simply take the space”? How can art take effect in the course of these displacement processes?

3. The Annenstraße: Transnational Economies between Art and Kebab

The Annenstraße is the most import transport and business axis in the district. Once it was a glamorous shopping mile but today it is characterized by a mix of disappearing old-established businesses and new short-lived ones, whose owners quickly change and which are often operated by migrants. How does collaboration between these heterogeneous business sectors work? Can the specialization, which is already visible – i.e. the concentration of smaller more specialized trade professionals – make sense for the area? What is the position of art and the creative economy within these transforming economies?

These modules of the long-term project ANNENVIERTEL! are produced in cooperation with:
City of Graz - Building Authority – City District Management Annenviertel, www.stadtentwicklung.graz.at,
Institute for City- and Building History of the Technical University Graz
and with support by the programme Culture of the Europeaen Union

and are moreover supported by: City of Graz - Cultural Department, Province of Styria - Cultural Department, Ministry for Education, Art, and Culture, BAN, Mit Loidl oder Co.Graz, mur.at

ANNENVIERTEL! is a part of:
THE ART OF URBAN INTERVENTION a project by < rotor > association for contemporary art/ Graz, University of J. E. Purkyne/ Usti nad Labem, [BLOK] – Local Base for cultural refreshment/ Zagreb (in collaboration with DeLVe | Institute for Duration, Location and Variables, Zagreb), The Blue House Foundation/ Amsterdam, Institute of Contemporary Art Sofia and NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts/ Milano