Photos of the exhibition.
Delaine Le Bas´ installation "Way out↑" can be seen in the entrance room.
The artist is using textiles, archive material, photos et al for her collages in which she artistically takes a stand for the rights of so-called "Wenigerheiten".
Delaine Le Bas is not afraid to straightforwardly visualize Human Rights violations in her works.
With three of her works, Lisl Ponger is participating in the exhibition..
The photographs contain elaborated references to colonialism, exploitation of natives and capitalism in every detail.
For the third room, Pravdoliub Ivanov created the sculpture "Disconnected Memories", in which he relates to the title of the exhibition.
On some of the wooden beams´ ends you can see images, which deal with collective or individual memories.
IThree film works by Oliver Ressler can be seen in the last room, accompanied by the continuously growing "New Model Army".
Each of the three mannequins can be associated to on of the presented films.
The films deal with positively conducted protests and civil disobendience, such as in the actual film on the "ZAD" from 2017.
In the café-area of < rotor >, the detailed work "This is the Sixth Roma Pavilion" by Damian Le Bas can be seen.
The British artist added symbols and writings to many globes and
historical maps.
Damian Le Bas also patterned furniture for the exhibition.
In the corridor the visitors find Nikolay Oleynikov´s current work "RED CROW CALLED PALMIRO from TOGLIATTI and HIS CIRCUS of RESISTANCE".
Photos: Thomas Raggam