Robert Rumas


>> at Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw

Photos of the exhibition

Oskar Dawicki (Warsaw), Christian Eisenberger (Vienna/Semriach), Johanna & Helmut Kandl (Vienna), Robert Rumas (Danzig)

Curators: Margarethe Makovec + Anton Lederer

Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw
ul. Prózna 8, Warszawa (PL)

Opening: Friday, May 30, 2008, 6 p.m.
June 2 - 18, 2008
Opening Hours: Mo - Fr 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

When systems of values change, this implies a transition from one conception of the world to a different one. There is the familiar saying "a world falls apart". Yet this does not happen overnight but is subject to a continuous development. And it quite naturally entails the confrontation between different conceptions of reality. When new things are introduced, it often takes its time until they are understood, criticized, accepted or definitively rejected. What has been securely established so far does not want to be perceived as a phase-out model and tries to maintain its own significance. So misunderstandings are bound to occur. But perhaps the state in between worlds is one of the most interesting ones – with all the possibilities at hand.

The exhibition "In Between Worlds" will be the second of four exhibitions commissioned by the Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw which all deal with systems of values and are organized by curators from Poland and Austria.