Flyer: bad artist series
Pic.: Roman Klug

>>      wie weg / disappeared

Kai Brandt (Graz), Roman Klug (Graz), Maria Ploskow (Munich), p.RT (Novi Sad), Anri Sala (Paris), Saso Vrabic (Ljubljana)

Opening: Saturday, May 20, 2000, 6 pm
Exhibition: 21.5.- 1.7.2000, at Pavel House, Laafeld

The title is the program. Hence, the exhibition deals with a phenomenon which is widely spread - unfortunately increased nowadays - the limitedness of long-time memory. Lucky those who forget. Acting and living according to this principle has its own charms: You can let the days pass by easily and also enjoy them. How true! Everything unpleasant is neglected. Forgetting is written bigger than forgiving. (Deceiving) images from the past only appear in fragments. The artists of this exhibition dig in the storage of the past. They find quite some treasures, which they bring to the summer light at the Pavel House. Please allow me some remark: It seems that the Pavel BBQ will be remembered forever!