Abb.: Unlearning Weekenders, 2013. Photo: Ash Tanasiychuk,



>> Unlearning Workshop
Experiments in de-conditioning and re-claiming

with Catherine Grau & Zoe Kreye
Saturday, 17th of May 2014, from 2pm
meeting point: < rotor >
Photos of the workshop

>> Talk with both artists
Thursday, 15th of May 2014, 9pm
On this Thursday, all CMRK exhibitions are open until 9pm


Two artists of the current exhibition Measures of Saving the World _ Part 5 are in Graz these days: Catherine Grau from New York and Zoe Kreye from Vancouver. Together they work on the project „Unlearning Weekenders“.

The project is dealing with the idea that for each new start, the unlearning of habitual perspectives is of help. Those, who have already seen the exhibition, will remember the installation with the "Listening Sticks" and the poster with the different instructions.

On Thursday, the 15th of May, a talk with both artists will take place. The highlight is a workshop on Saturday, 17th of May, during which the Annenviertel-surrounding will be explored with the Unlearning methods.

The workshop will take place at all weather situations and outdoors if possible. Participation is free of charge.

We kindly ask for registration:
Email to or call 0316/688306.

Catherine Grau, born 1982 in Frankfurt, lives in New York
Zoe Kreye, born 1978 in Calgary, lives in Vancouver