Postcards from Ukraine

Due to current events, we are starting a postcard series with commissioned works by Ukrainian artists. The first four cards have been printed. With the purchase of the cards you support other artists in Ukraine or artists who have fled from there.

No fixed price has been set. You pay what you think is appropriate. The postcard are available at < rotor >, Volksgartenstraße 6a.


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Olia Fedorova, "I am fucking angry", 2022.

Kateryna Lysovenko, "Untitled", 2022.

Anna Manankina, "Yellow Tape", 2022.

Yuriy Kruchak, "the tenth day of war", 2022.

Volodymyr Kuznetsov, "Camouflage nets made by volunteers in Arists' Union Gallery, Lutsk", 2022.

Iuliia Makarenko,"Untitled", 2022.

Margo Sarkisova,""dark night", from the war diary", 2022.

Maksym Khodak, "Hero City of Ukraine (Kyiv)", 2022.

Jenya Polosina, "War is peace", 2022.

Anton Tkachenko, "Children. Bread. Evacuation.", 2022.

Sasha Kurmaz, "Untitled", 2021.

Alevtina Kakhidze, "Dogs, forgive us people", 2022.

Elmra Shemsedinova, "Seasides", 2020.

Diana Fedoriaka, "Handbook", 2020

Oksana Solop, "Emotionless", 2022

Eva Fomitskih, "Cyclicity" series, 2021.

Mariia Rohovets, "New Life", 2020.

Svitlana Zhytnia, "Odd Creatures", 2022.

Jane Laptii, "There are 250,000 white lilies growing in my garden but they are gone", 2022.

Natasha Sherstiuk, "Christmas Garland", 2022.

Polina Makarova, "Ukrainian War Flowers", 2022.