Flyer: Three Stars 2000
Pic.: Boris Missirkov / Georgi Bogdanov

>>      Trendification
Contemporary Art from Bulgaria

Daniela Kostova (Sofia), Boris Missirkov / Georgi Bogdanov (Sofia), Ivan Moudov / Dessislava Dimova (Sofia), Kalin Serapionov (Sofia), Kamen Stoyanov (Vienna), Houben Tcherkelov (New York)
Curator: Walter Seidl (Graz)

Opening: Friday, June 22, 2001, 8 pm
Exhibition: 22.6. - 8.9.2001

The term Trendification deals with the depiction of scenes and situations reagarded as "trendy" to reflect the zeitgeist of a young generation of people in a western-coded environment. The artists deal with various forms of representation prevalent in Europe and the US, but less common in Bulgarian reality. Trendification relates to international trends, which have been transfered into the local context to be mediated with the means of photography and video. (Walter Seidl) The exhibition is a modification of Walter Seidl's project "Looming Up", which was on view in April and May of this year at Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna.