>>       time to interfere

Hermine Ria Grabner (Kartell, Graz), Herwig Höller (art critic, Graz), Emil Kristof (Unikum, Klagenfurt), Oliver Ressler (artist, Vienna)

speeches: June 24, 2000, at Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana

At the beginning of a new millennium it is more than ever "time to interfere." In the framework of the discussion series of the MSE-projects we decided to invite artists and cultural producers, who use or have used their special tools to interfere in certain areas, with the intention to contribute to the world (surrounding us) and to make aware of the facts and defects. The lecturers all bear a close relation to Graz. The MSE partners have the intention to deal with several artistic or social fields in this discussion series featuring participants from Bologna, Budapest, Graz, Ljubljana, Sarajevo and Zagreb.