Pic.: Gaby Steiner, from the series "Public Home", since 2009.



Opening of the exhibition:
on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 10am

The exhibition is open on that day until 8pm.

Participating Artists:
Ovidiu Anton, Mark Boulos, Armando Lulaj, Tim Sharp, Lerato Shadi, Gaby Steiner, Gamlet Zinkovsky

Curated by:
Margarethe Makovec & Anton Lederer

Photos of the opening
Photos of the exhibition

Duration: 27.9.–22.11.2014

Opening Hours: MON–FRI 10 am–6 pm, SAT 12noon–4 pm
Closed on Sundays and bank holidays

Extended opening hours during steirischer herbst festival: 27.9.–19.10.2014: SAT & SUN 12noon–6pm

Dialogic tours through the exhibition for school classes and other groups by prior appointment:
rotor@mur.at, 0316/ 688306

Admission free!

More than 250 years ago Jean-Jacques Rousseau described the fatal moment when a human being fenced in a piece of land for the first time in order to declare it his property-an illegal act for Rousseau because "the earth belongs to no one".
Landgrab and territorial exclusion are an everyday phenomenon worldwide, and are taken for granted to an outrageous extent. What they reflect is collective powerlessness in the face of existing, and often postcolonial, power-relationships which are based on exploitation and in no way allow the population concerned to have its share of the available wealth.

Co-produced by steirischer herbst & < rotor >


Saturday, September 27 / Sunday, September 28
Information about further events on the opening weekend of the festival steirischer herbst can be found here

Saturday, October 4
ORF-Lange Nacht der Museen [Long Night of Museums]
Guided Tours through the exhibition at 8pm and 10pm

Saturday, October 11, 12noon5pm
Guided tour with the association KUNST.WERK
Start at< rotor >, further stations: Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Camera Austria, Haus der Architektur

Saturday, November 8, 2pm
Exhibition talk with Reni Hofmüller (esc medien kunst labor) & Anton Lederer
(< rotor >)

The installation "53,31 m2 Absperrbretter" by Ovidiu Anton
was realised with the friendly support by
NEUREITER Maschinen und Werkzeuge