Pic.: Joerg Auzinger

>>      sponsored by ERGO

gruppe ERGO (Graz)

Opening: Friday, February 9, 2001, 8 pm
Exhibition: 10.2. - 10.3.2001

"sponsored by ERGO" - deals with the interconnectedness of art and economy, with the aim to look at the praxis of art sponsoring and to present an example of the disparate influences on the contents and extents of art production. The project is meant to be a persiflage on concept and context art, taking over the formal vocabulary and the analytic approach of the latter to undermine their methods with the decision to not use art as means of expression but to replace it to a large extent with advertising. The title refers to the basic idea of the project, in order to revert the direction of the project-immanent financial flow with not-profit measures by financing commissioned works and advertising events.