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Apsolutno (Novi Sad), Department for Public Appearances (Munich), Thomas Feuerstein (Innsbruck), Cosmin Gradinaru (Bucharest), G.R.A.M. (Graz), Agnes Szepfalvi / Csaba Nemes (Budapest)

Opening: July 20, 2000, 9 pm
Exhibition: 21.7.- 22.8.2000, at Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana
part of the MSE-projects (Middle South East) with partners from Bologna, Budapest, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Zagreb

"psychedelic" focuses on contemporary aspects of artistic production, operating with themes which closely relate to people or are deeply rooted in society. In a literal sense, "psychedelic" deals with phenomena which bear a certain "consciousness-extending" function, and definitely in manifold ways The project "psychedelic" shows how our consciousness is extended through additional insight and only marginally in an esoteric sense. This has nothing to do with drugs either. The presented art achieves its psychedelic effect through extrapolating phenomena from the world of daily encounters or through a transplantation into a different, subject-unspecific context, especially through the means of exaggeration.