Flyer: Prag
Pic.: Mrazikova & Mrazik,
Dekretenland, 2002

>>       Balkan Konsulat
proudly presents: Prague

Artists: Jirí Cernický (CZ), Oskar Dawicki (PL),
Richard Fajnor (CZ), František Kowolowski (CZ),
Kunst-Fu (SLK), Ján Mancuška (CZ), Markéta Othová (CZ),
Reinigungsgesellschaft (D)

Display Gallery Prague (special guest)

Curator: Michal Kolecek

Opening: Saturday, March 1, 2003, 7 p.m.
Exhibition: 1.3.. - 19.4.2003

The Czech contemporary visual art misses a united theme or a certain
conspicuous character, which would specify it in the frame of broader
cultural context.
The Prague art scene, and partly the whole Czech art scene, is absorbed with its own situation and does not reflect the social status of contemporary art and the dynamic changes of its institutional frame. In spite of this it is possible to observe the movements on the edge between the aesthetic forms of the artworks and the structure of social mechanisms by detailed inquiry of Czech contemporary art. These motions under the surface do not represent any spectacular content, but they present a certain form of co-existence of reality. The artwork stands for a certain fictitious document in the frame of this ambiguous attitude towards reality, which breaks into the process of permanent confrontation the habitual contexts and uncovers the real coherences as well.
The Prague part of Balkan Konsulat remarks especially this tender "othering" of Czech contemporary visual art in relation to the social environment, and this "othering" is completed by the specific attitudes of several artists from neighboring countries with common historical experiences of the same time.

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Program on Saturday, March 1

Location: Public space

František Kowolowski (CZ)
“This Reality was Captured by Art!” (ca. 60 min)
The performance will start in front of the <rotor> and will continue on the streets of the city centre.

Location: Balkan Konsulat c/o < rotor >, Belgiergasse 8

Oskar Dawicki (PL)
“Without title” (ca. 20 min)
The greatest advantage of the performance art is an experimental directness.

Richard Fajnor (CZ)
“Waiting for…” (ca. 120 min)
Enjoy art and the friendly artist – of this very personal and very processual performance.

22.00 CET VJ/DJ party
Location: vipers im thienfeld, Mariahilferstrasse 2
Jah division / Sound sistym
RGB VJ’s & Dan-Ein

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1.3.2002 - 19.4.2003

museum in progress at Schauspielhaus Graz
Eva Mrazikova & Martin Mrazik (CZ)
Marek Kvetan (SK)
Location: Schauspielhaus Graz, Freiheitsplatz