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Pic.: Oliver Ressler

>>      One Single Moment

W.W. Anger (Graz), Rosa Brueckl / Gregor Schmoll (Vienna), Astrid Herrmann (Hamburg), ILA (Graz), Martin Osterider (Vienna), Edda Strobl (Graz)

Opening: May 25, 2000, 9 pm
Exhibition: 25.5.- 29.6.2000

This exhibition asks for the function and meaning of images which are transported through the media. The methods of a directed use of photos and film shots and the underlying aesthetic pattern undergo a partly analytical, partly ironical observation. The exhibition shows works by artists who have a close relation to Graz. The idea came on the occasion of the Exhibition of the Province of Styria, "comm.gr2000az." With this project, < rotor > participates in the discourse on "artmediacommunication" of various galleries and art institutions in Graz.