Pic.: Maryam Mohammadi, 2016.


on Saturday, 24 September 2016, 6pm

The Volksgarten-Pavilion is open on this day
from 2pm until 9pm.

Programme overview 24.9.-16.10.2016

There are more than 100 people, initiatives and organisations involved in the programme.

The project has been collectively developed by:
Daniela Brasil, Nayarí Castillo, Johanna Hierzegger,
Anna Kohlhauser, Anton Lederer, Marleen Leitner,
Margarethe Makovec, Maryam Mohammadi, Wolfgang Oeggl, Michael Schitnig, Mário José Santos Soares, as well as a large number of other providers of ideas

Narratives from the Arrival City:
In collaboration with the exhibition NEW GRAZ / Part 1, Austrian and international artists set out to investigate the conditions that characterise Graz as a city of immigration.

Photos from the opening



Opening Hours: THU–SA 2–9pm, SU 2–7pm
SU 16.10.2016: 12–5pm

Admission free!

Time for a cup of coffee? Tea? For the duration of the festival the Volksgarten Pavilion opens its doors and turns into a place where everyone is welcome, presenting itself as the exemplary heart of the Arrival City of Graz..


Open Gates
You can already see from afar that there is something going on in the Volksgarten-Pavillon. A colourful and inviting construction stands in front of the building, which has been conceived by the London-based duo Morag Myerscough & Luke Morgan.
The front yard and the interior of the pavilion have been redesigned into areas for multiple uses. Coordinated by Daniela Brasil and Studio Magic, many people have jointly worked on this.

Cordially Welcome!
Apart from tea from the samovar and coffee, each week from Thursday to Sunday there will be readings, presentations, musical events, workshops and round table talks – always accompanied, of course, by a cup of coffee or tea. The host of the day welcomes you!

Dance into the Pavilion
After the official opening on 24th September, the programme starts with a Festivity for Everybody on Sunday, 25th September. “The Dance into the Pavilion” is gastronomically accompanied by the “GeschichtenKüche” (Kitchen of Stories). Maryam Mohammadi, Kate Howlett-Jones and Evi Papanagiotou have collected recipes from all over the world together with women from Graz. You can sample them at the festival and in the Restaurant Bakaliko at Lendplatz over the subsequent three weeks.

Take part, join in, give it a try: Samowar Café invites you to Activity, Nayarí Castillo runs a delivery point for “Gifts for Graz” and Mário José Santos Soares collects quotes for the “Ginkgo Wish Tree”.
Workshops and other activities you can participate in are on the programme!

Narratives of Arrival and Staying
Every day at 15.00, people who moved to Graz in different times will tell you about their arrival and their experiences with their new hometown. The narratives forge a bridge over sixty years of immigration history..

Multifaceted Programme
Numerous initiatives from Graz will organise individual afternoons and evenings: KAMA, heidenspass, Crossroads, Frauenservice Graz, Stadtteilprojekt Annenviertel, LernKwa.tier, Forum im Forum, JUKUS. Many dates in the programme are dedicated to the projects of visual artists.
The events are based on the idea of creating chances to meet, for people of different generations and regardless of their origins.
Moreover, the “House of Open Gates” invites you to bring people together with your own ideas!

Open Forum
Two evenings will critically deal with Graz as a place of arrival.
The “Open Forum 1” proposes a vision of the future: Could “urban citizenship” be a model for all residents of Graz, hence also for newly arrived people?
The “Open Forum 2” puts the state of welcome culture in Graz up for discussion.
After short initial presentations, experts will be present to discuss these subjects with the audience.

Staying Together
Fourteen intensive programme days start with a festivity and close with a festivity: “New Graz Party – Staying Together“. Even though the “House of Open Gates” closes, the work continues, in order to make Graz the best possible city of arrival and staying!

Find the exact schedule here.

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