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Pic.: Social Impact

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5 artistic positions on crossing borders

Martin Krenn / Oliver Ressler (Vienna)
Tanja Ostojic (Berlin / Belgrade)
Marko Raat (Tallinn)
Gentian Shkurti (Tirana)
Social Impact (Linz)

special guests: Beierle & Keijser (Leiden)

Kunstenaarsinitiatief Paraplufabriek
Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 63a, 6512 AT
Nijmegen, Niederlande

Opening: Sunday, March 7, 2004, 3 pm
Exhibition: 8.3. - 28.3.2004

In a few weeks the European Union will expand. Dealing with migration into the „holy land“ EU is one of the big social and political challenges of our time. The pressure imposed through migration will also not be changed after the EU expansion. The Schengen border will still remain in its place for a while. And even if the "new" EU states will become part of the "Schengen countries," the border problem will only be shifted a few hundred kilometres.

The exhibition presents artists dealing with crossing the border to the EU and shows five different approaches to this subject. Martin Krenn / Oliver Ressler work documentary-wise or analytically on topics like aided escape / border crossing, deportation and illegal residence. Social Impact offer a kind of service on their web site for people willing to migrate. Safe trips for illegal border-crossing from the Czech Republic to Austria should help to minimise the death rate of migrants. Gentian Shkurti turns this topic into a computer game. As Albanian emigrant you can try to reach the Italian coast – but beware of the coast patrol! Marko Raat went with a student of art history to Denmark who tried to explain the baffled border officers, authorities and passers-by that he wants to stay in the country because he like to study Danish architecture. Tanja Ostojic used various exhibitions as a platform to look for a husband with a EU passport. She has been successful with this radical art project, which is precisely documented, ranging from announcements for a ”first date“ to marriage and residence in the „new home country.“

Beierle & Keijser show their "European Passport Donor Fondation". If you own a EU passport you are asked to donate your passport after your death. Thus you can help somebody who has got no staying permit.