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Anonymous, Michael Gumhold (Vienna), Andrea Ressi (Graz / Vienna), Isa Rosenberger (Vienna), Walter Seidl (Graz / Vienna), Volker Sernetz (Graz)

Opening: Friday, December 15, 2000, 8 pm
Exhibition: 15.12.2000 - 3.2.2001

Artists form the basis of an art scene. The Graz scene is confronted with continuous migration. There is only marginal influx. What can be the incentive for young artists to live in Graz. There is no art academy in Graz. What is needed is an excellent art school according to an exciting contemporary model, attracting artists with its contents and staff. The existing city studios have been occupied for years. There is no transparent mode of distribution to open these studios for young artists. Or there will be additional studios created for this purpose.
Important exhibition sites do not work. Not in the way their resources would allow, and in relation to their increasing functions.
And there it is, the young scene! We present five artists.