Pic.: Christian Bretter

>>      Kristina Leko / Isa Rosenberger

Artist-in-residence Zagreb < > Graz < > Sarajevo

Presentation: Friday, September 14, 2001, 8 pm
Exhibition: 14.- 29.9.2001

The Croatian artist Kristina Leko (* 1966) is this year's artist-in-residence invited by < rotor > and the Cultural City Network - in an exchange with Zagreb, where the Innsbruck artist Thomas Feuerstein (*1968) currently resides. In her latest project, Kristina Leko deals with Croatian shopping habits, especially with shopping beyond the national borders. She used her stay in Graz to finish a part of her long-time project in the Shopping Center West.. Isa Rosenberger (* 1969) from Vienna was last year's artist-in-residence in Sarajevo. There she asked peple to lead her to a place which meant a lot to them. Based on these encounters, she created a piece showing a view of Sarajevo different from the images constructed by the media.