Flyer: No more bad news
Abb.: Ivana Keser

>>      It could be Obsession

Rassim (Sofia), Tobias Regensburger (Hamburg), Aleksander Roitburd (Odessa), Egill Saebjörnsson (Reykjavik), Maja Vukoje (Vienna)

Opening: Friday, March 24, 2000, 8 pm
Exhibition: 24.3.-13. 5.2000

The opening exhibition in the new premises of < rotor > deals with obsession. And that has to be understood as part of the program. The < rotor > team has decided to do a lot with this new space. Every consequent artist is obsessive in their ways. Some also make a profit out of it. At least their persistence to the outside becomes very visible - this particular concentration on a subject or a methodology. An incessant work on the results. A not-willing-to-get-some-rest. Come and see!