Flyer: Istanbul
Pic.: Memed Erdener,
Istanbul, 1998

>>       Balkan Konsulat
proudly presents: Istanbul

"Daydreaming in Quarantine"

Artists: Esat Basak, Memed Erdener, Hatice Guleryuz, Serhat Koksal, Aydan Murtezaoglu, Nalan Yirtmac, ZeN

Comics artists: Bahadir Boysal, Galip Tekin, Suat Gonulay

Ozlem Ozkal, Erhan Muratoglu, Emre Erkal

Curator: Basak Senova and Erden Kosova

Opening: Saturday, April 26, 2003, 2.30 p.m.
Exhibition: 26.4.. - 28.6.2003

This project is a projection of a particular period in the recent history of Turkey via Istanbul. It is such a period that is blurred with the terror imposed by the harsh dynamics of politics and economics that shaped life. It is also such a period that is neglected by the consequences of these dynamics. From political climate to IMF-dependent economy; internal migration attack; and a constant cultural schizophrenia fed by conflicts between East and West, secularism and fundamental Islam, left and right, and eventually nationalism and separatism. By departing from that flux of political and cultural conditions, the whole project addresses the visual and aural representations and productions of a targeted generation that was stuck in between two generations -that of early 70’s as highly politically engaged and has been severely punished for it and 80’s sleeping generation that has been totally apolitical. Yet, the production mechanism and the assembly of this in-between generation was either neglected or dissolved in the fast pace of life before.
As the curators of the project Erden Kosova and Basak Senova inspect the potential and the outcome of such a research on this particular period and generation. Thereby, the project consists of several inter-related parts as the artistic productions; cultural arte-facts; and visual and verbal information via comics and fanzines.

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Program on Saturday, April 26

Location: Balkan Konsulat c/o < rotor >, Belgiergasse 8/ I

22.00 CET DJ party
Location: Postgarage, Dreihackengasse 42, 2/5 BZ
in cooperation with contemporary art in graz

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26.4.2003 - 28.6.2003

museum in progress at Schauspielhaus Graz
Memed Erdener, Hatice Guleryuz
Location: Schauspielhaus Graz, Freiheitsplatz