Helmut Kaplan,

>>      Heart and Nerves No3

tonto comics

Installation for "Das Fest" by Thomas Vinterberg / Mogens Rukov
Directed by Deborah Epstein / Marcus Mislin
Opening Night: Februar 18, 2005

Pictures of the Exhibition

Theatre Graz
Hofgasse 11
8010 Graz

Opening: Friday
, Februar 18, 2005, 6:00 pm
Exhibition: 19.2. - 17.4.2005

As a reaction to the Dogma film "The Celebration", the artists Martin Hofbauer, Helmut Kaplan und Edda Strobl (tonto comics) conceived another issue in their series of tonto comic books. Parabolica #2 FESTEN was created during the production period of the play "The Celebration".

Parabolica #2 FESTEN, Circulation 1000 copies, 8 Euro

"Heart and Nerves" is an artistic collaboration between Theatre Graz and
<rotor >.

We would like to thank ProBühne and Grazer Wechselseitige for their financial support.