Pic.: Robin Klengl, "Griesplatz", Detail, 2014.
Photo: J.J. Kucek.



Call for participation
in drawing subjective maps of the Griesplatz

Project team: Robin Klengel, Markus Waitschacher,
Adina Camhy, Coline Robin

Duration: June to November 2016

For a long time, the Griesplatz in Graz and its surrounding has had a bad image: delinquency, prostitution, drugs, gang wars, traffic accidents and many more are talked about. But: Is it true, that everything is bad about Griesplatz? Is it a non-place, which should be extensively rebuilt? Or are there things, which should be saved, because they are important to people?

In the project "griesplatzzeichnen“ people who are living here, working here or frequently visit Griesplatz are asked on their view of the Griesplatz: What does it look like anyway? Where does it begin, where does it end? Which things about it are important?

With the help of "Mental Mapping“ we are collecting subjective maps of the Griesplatz. "Mental Mapping“ is a methodology used in the field of urbanism, where people are invited to draw a to them familiar area from memory. This "mental" map helps to start a conversation about the subjective realities of an urban area.

These maps "speak". They provide information about practises, environments, experiences and emotions. So-called orientation marks also provide information about individual and collective kinds-of-use, mental structures and memories, which are inscribed into the urban space and give it a meaning. This is important, because space does not only consist of architecture, but also of people´s daily activities and their understanding of space.

The project also focuses on the linguistic variety on the scene. Also, it aims to dwell on the points of view, which are mostly not considered in public discourse – for example the ones of women, adolescents, childern, migrants or people coming from educationally alienated conditions.

People, who are now feeling like participating in the project, are cordially invited to contact us. We gladly arrange a drawing-appointment and stand you a coffee!

E-Mail: robin.klengel@edu.uni-graz.at
Phone: +43 650 8308809

griesplatzzeichnen is realised on behalf of the
Griesviertel-project of the City of Graz– Stadtbaudirektion