Pic.: Erik Binder,
"More Luxus!"

>>      "Hey Europe! "

Artistic Program for the International Conference
Spirit&Present, Whitsun Dialogue Styria 2005

Pictures of the project

Artists: Erik Binder (SK), Christian Eisenberger (A), Alen Floricic (HR), Sejla Kameric (BiH), Kunst-fu (SK), Kurt&Plasto (BiH), Athanasia Kyriakakos (GR), Vladimir Nikolic (SCG), Dan Perjovschi (RO), Oliver Ressler (A) & David Thorne (USA), Erzen Shkololli (KOS), Mladen Stilinovic (HR), Version (RO), Sislej Xhafa (USA / KOS)

Curators: Margarethe Makovec + Anton Lederer

Seggau Castle
Seggauberg 1
Leibnitz, Austria

Conference: 11. - 14.5.2005

Europe is on the move. With the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, the European integration process has opened up new perspectives for the people of Europe. Those involved in the process are facing new opportunities but also risks. The great ideal of freedom of movement and prosperity for all European citizens is set against concerns about the negative effects of uncontrolled economic, political, and military growth.

Many artists keep an attentive eye on European affairs. Many comment on these developments on an analytical and critical level and encourage us to see these events from a new angle. Fourteen artists are involved in the program “Hey Europe!” and their contributions are all statements on the ongoing “Discovery of Europe”.