Pic.: Cover of the Publication "Urbanografien"


Discussion and presentation of the book "Urbanografien. Stadtforschung in Kunst, Architektur und Theorie" published by Elke Krasny and Irene Nierhaus.

Wednesday, March 4 2009, 7 p.m.

Elke Krasny, Cultural Theoretician and Curator
Kamdem Mou Poh Hom, Head of the Africa Center Chiala Afriqas
Donja Noormofidi, Journalist Styria Falter
Michael Wrentschur, Sociologist and Pedagogue of Applied Theatres, InterACT
Michael Zinganel, Architectural Theoretician and Artist
Moderation: Judith Laister, Cultural Anthropologist

Photos of the Discussion

< rotor >
Volksgartenstraße 6a
8020 Graz


Urbanographies explore the perspectives of action within the urban space. In the course of neoliberalism, globalization and migration movements the urban space is radically changing and so are individual possibilities of action within society. Within the power relationships of economy and administration residentship, culture, architecture, urban planning, activism and art create urban spaces in transformation.

The question as to who owns the city and who can use and design it in which ways is returning most urgently in a new socio-economic framework. Who is doing what? Who wants what? And who is doing what with whom? Who has which expectations and how can the urban space be experienced, explored, changed and made accessible between the poles of common ground and conflict?

This event is the starting point of "The Art of Urban Intervention" < rotor > is going to practise in the Graz neighbourhood of the Annenviertel in the next few years.