Pic.: Die Fabrikanten, "Trivial Europe" - Zeljka Jovic (Novi Sad)


Presentation: Die Fabrikanten / Linz

Wednesday, July 8 2009, 8 p.m.

< rotor >
Volksgartenstraße 6a
8020 Graz


Die Fabrikanten from Linz, Austria, speak of special places and motivations that have led to projects such as "Die Jury", "Blind Spot", "Botschaft Linz", "Trivial Europe", or the "Tischtransaktion".

Die Fabrikanten is a cultural enterprise dealing with strategic communication design in the case of commissioned projects and with communication culture in the frame of art projects.

The theoretical approaches Die Fabrikanten rely on have their origins in art, in science but also in the economy. By creating new links between these fields the team comes up with unusual perspectives.

Time and time again Die Fabrikanten deal with the phenomena and the rules of human communication. In the Tischtransaktion, for example, where kitchen tables from private households are swapped. After the tables their owners too, and e.g. festival visitors, go on a journey and begin to pay visit to one another. This is communication on a very basic level.

Part of the < rotor > series “The Art of Urban Intervention“, which deals with the situation and the developments in the Graz Annenviertel.