Flyer: Fuck the Curator
Pic.: Halil Altindere

>>      Oh, it's a Curator!

Christian Alexa (New York), Halil Altindere (Istanbul), Eclipse (Ljubljana), Michael Gumhold (Vienna), Christian Jankowski (Berlin), Kai Kaljo (Tallinn), Leo Kogan (Amsterdam), Tanja Ostojic (Belgrade), Martin Schmidl (Graz), Agnes Szepfalvi / Csaba Nemes (Budapest)

Opening: Saturday, April 20, 8 pm
exhibition: April 21 to June 29, 2002

In only a few cases, the relationship between artists and curators is REALLY relaxed. Recently, artists have increasingly tackled this problem, starting to reflect this relationship critically and with more and more self-esteem. Hence, the exhibition gathers a series of essential positions on this subject. It is no surprise that a large part of the artists come from the eastern parts of Europe. There, very negative experiences in relation to selecting artists for major exhibitions could have been observed over the last years. However, the situation is not that pessimistic, on the contrary, most artistic contributions show a criticism with strongly humorist features, rendering the art-specific subject a life-necessary easiness.