Flyer: Jeu de strategie
Pic.: C.Monterrain

>>      Carole Monterrain

Artist-in-residence from Marseilles of the Cultural City Network, Graz

Presentation: Friday, March 3, 2002, 8 pm

Carole Monterrain deals with social and economic facts of daily life. During her university years she questioned the conditions of the art school and then concentrated on the routines and practices of her living environments. What is especially impressive is a series of postcards introducing the homeless in Nice - with portraits taken in the respective residences. The postcards were published when the government of Nice wanted to remove the homeless from the overall image of the city. The same approach can be seen in the video, showing the artist in front of various ads with barely or not at all dressed women. In front of every poster, Monterrain tries to take the same position as the depicted person, which also makes her take off her clothes for a short while. The clumsy appropriation of an ideal type of position relates to the difference between reality and construction.