Flyer: Budapest
Abb.:Dan Perjovschi,
No comment, 2003

>>       Balkan Konsulat
proudly presents: Budapest

Artists: Andreas Fogarasi (A)
KMKK (Róza El Hassan, Dóra Hegyi, János Sugár, Emese Süvecz) (H)
radiomana / Manamana (Miklós Erhardt, Dominic Hislop, Tibbi Várnagy a.o.) (H)
Attila Menesi & Christoph Rauch (H/D)
Dan & Lia Perjovschi (RO)

Curator: Judit Angel

Opening: Saturday, July 12, 2003, 08.00 p.m.
Exhibition: 12.7.. - 6.9.2003

In positioning Budapest within the framework of the Balkan Konsulat, this exhibition deliberately tries to avoid any singular or essentialist image which could stand for the city of Budapest, the Hungarian nation and contemporary Hungarian art. It rather relates to the concept of the "consulate", understood as an institution that fulfils its representative function through acts of mediation between people, cities, countries and cultures. The exhibition's relation with the Balkans is also thought in non-illustrative terms and it deals with questions of identity, otherness, social and cultural prejudice and communication. For the same reason, the selection of artists goes beyond the national framework. Alongside with participants from Hungary there are artists from Vienna and Bucharest - cities with which Budapest has deep historical connections - as well as artists from Berlin and Hamburg who have collaborated for years with their colleagues from Budapest. Apart from thematic diversity and the use of various media, the artists and artist groups from this exhibition are linked by their constant interest in things happening outside their studios, in relating art and society by the very act of mediation. Undertaking the role of mediation, they act as "consuls" of the Balkan Konsulat, try to establish communication between different categories of public and the art field, between Budapest and Graz and the other cities involved. Finally, by adopting an open structure this exhibition wishes to respond to the openness of the host institution, the "rotor", which has promoted alternative thinking and practice for a long time. J.A.

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Program on Saturday, July 12

08.00 pm CET OPENING
Location: Balkan Konsulat c/o < rotor >, Belgiergasse 8/ I

22.00 CET VJ/DJ party
Location: vipers im thienfeld, Mariahilferstrasse 2
DJ Naga (Chi recordings), "Ablak a Dubra Special"

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Location: celery’s_the juice bar, Dreihackengasse 42
Intervention: from monday, July 14 to Friday, September 5, 2003

János Sugár (H), „Takeaway Thoughts“, 2003

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12.7.2003 - 6.9.2003

museum in progress at Schauspielhaus Graz
Memed Erdener, Hatice Guleryuz
Location: Schauspielhaus Graz, Freiheitsplatz