Balkan Konsulat Billboards at Brno

Pic.: The Brno House of Arts

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Dum umeni mesta Brna / The Brno House of Arts
Malinovského nám. 2
602 00 BRNO
Czech Republic

Exhibition: April 2004. - March 2005

„Balkan Konsulat“ is the title of an exhibition project, which took place in Graz from October 2002 to November 2003. < rotor > invited curators from six cities - Belgrade, St. Petersburg (special guest), Prague, Istanbul, Budapest, Sarajevo - to successively formulate a specific view on the respective scenes and at the same time critically question various notions of the Balkans. Apart from the exhibitions in the former < rotor > space, a film program and a music line-up, the cooperation with museum in progress facilitated the production of billboards for the public space. For every show, the curators nominated two artists, showing a total of 12 billboards throughout the year: at the façade of the theatre of Graz (Schauspielhaus).

Now, the billboards travel and will be presented at Dum umeni mesta Brno / The Brno House of Arts from April 15 2004 to March 2005 in the following order:

Prague (Curator: Michal Kolecek)
Marek Kvetán, Eva Mráziková & Martin Mrázik
till Mai 30, 2004

St. Petersburg (Curator: Olesja Turkina)
Aleksandr Petljura, Kerim Ragimov
June - August 2004

Budapest (Curator: Judit Angel)
Personal Press Project (PPP), Balázs Beöthy
September - October 2004

Sarajevo (Curator: Lejla Hodzic)
Šejla Kameric, Kurt & Plasto
October – November 2004

Belgrade (Curator: Stevan Vukovic)
Mirjana Djordjevic, Dejan Grba
December 2004 – January 2005

Istanbul (Curators: Basak Senova & Erden Kosova)
Hatice Güleryüz, Extrastruggle
February – March 2005

Balkan Konsulat - Billboards are a project by < rotor > in cooperation with museum in progress.

The presentation at Dum umeni mesta Brno / The Brno House of Arts is supported by: