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Pictures of the exibition

Cke, Anton Cierny, Pavlina Fichta Cierna, Bohdan Hostinak, Tomas Makara, Michal Murin, Ilona Nemeth, Roman Ondak, Ildiko Palova, Veronika Sramatyova (all SK)

Open Gallery
Bastova 5
Bratislava, Slovakia

Opening: Wednsday, October 13, 2004, 5 pm
Exhibition: 14.10. - 10.11.2004

The exhibition "Under the Blue Sky" shows works by Slovak artists,
emphasizing exceptional situations by individuals, groups, places - in
nature, rural areas or in on urban ground.
All works have narrative elements, which are partly very direct, and partly
only hint at possible stories. And this all of this happens "under the blue

Thanks for curatorial help:
Marek Adamov, Jana Oravcova, Daniela Silanova