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Book Presentation: Saturday, February 4, 2006, 8:30 pm

Dreihackengasse 42
8020 Graz

Finally, it’s available!
Belgrade, St. Petersburg, Prague, Istanbul, Budapest, Sarajevo.
Once located in the Belgiergasse, the honorable Konsulat.
Shining samovar and the future in the coffee grounds, art, art, art *

The celebration: "One dozen official speeches“ held by honorable people, pictures from the Konsulat. The Burek brings Burek. Musical reminiscences:
Kurt Bauer, Rainer Binder- Krieglstein und Lothar Lässer.

Afterwards: Planet JUGOTON! Odessa, Djvap, Rediska
Specialmente: Türkpop mit Dj Muratti. Live Percussion / Arabian Spirit Coach Khaled auf Darbuka, Bongos & Giovanj

Balkan Konsulat- The Book is published by Revolver on the occasion of the exhibition series Balkan Konsulat at < rotor > Graz, from Oct. 2002 to November 2003 www.revolver-books.de

The book costs 19 Euro and can be ordered at Revolver
or at < rotor > : rotor@mur.at