Edith Payer, from the photo series "Faces", since 2006





Beings & Creatures. Chapter 3
Exhibition tour, artist talk and concert
Tuesday, 7th February, 2023
18:30: < rotor >
20:00: Café Wolf


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Exhibition tour and talk with artist Edith Payer and cultural anthropologist and art historian Markus Waitschacher at < rotor >,
followed by a concert at Café Wolf:
Kinky Muppet - Nicholas Hoffman, Katrin Plavčak, Oliver Stotz

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In the current exhibition, the third chapter of the exhibition series "Beings & Creatures", two works by Edith Payer are exhibited that deal with the subject of collecting. The series of works "Sloane's Agony" contains found objects that the artist groups according to formal and contextual criteria. Due to environmental influences, the state of decay of some of the objects is far advanced, so that some of the original forms can only be assumed.

The video installation "Faces" is also based on the artist's collection of examples of "pareidolia" - a term used to describe the phenomenon of recognising supposed faces and familiar beings or objects in things and patterns. The collection currently contains around 1,400 archived facial configurations.

In conversation with Markus Waitschacher, Edith Payer will talk about her working methods and will also refer to the school workshop that is taking place in the context of the current exhibition.

Afterwards, there will be a concert by the band Kinky Muppet, a project by musician Oliver Stotz, visual artist Katrin Plavčak and performance artist Nicholas Hoffman, at Café Wolf from 8 pm. They approach the form of the 'rock'n'roll trio' through a playful acknowledgement that even though it no longer exists, its potential can still be realised in the 21st century.