Pic.: Christian Bretter

>>      Continuing Restistance Against Power Relations

Bady Minck, Alexander Brener / Barbara Schurz, Helmut Kandl, Johanna Kandl, Martin Krenn, Julius Deutschbauer / Gerhard Spring (all Vienna)

Opening: Friday, March 16, 2001, 8 pm
Exhibition: 17.3. - 12.5.2001

This exhibition presents some of the most important Austrian artist, who make clear political statements in their art. They have one thing in common: their statements have a tradition, dating back to the time before the formation of the current Austrian government. It is self-evident that the existence of this government is analyzed in the individual artistic contributions, even if the subject cannot be presented as simple as that. All works relate to national socialism, racism and globalization. It looks as if these themes are inseparable from the current political climate (not only in Austria). Moreover, all works show a strong link to the public, where every artist follows a method that makes the work approach a very specific public.