Pic.: Damian Le Bas, "Styria Gypsyland", detail, 2013.

An Exhibition about Diversity and Coexistence
in Styria

Call for Submissions of Artistic Project Proposals
for an exhibition at < rotor > in June / July 2015

Information Session: 3 March 2015, 7pm
Submission Deadline: 31 March 2015
Call for download (pdf)

< rotor > center for contemporary art, Graz, is currently preparing a group exhibition in June/July 2015 and invites you to submit proposals for artistic projects dealing with its subject. The exhibition will take place in the frame of the project “Spannungsfeld gesellschaftliche Vielfalt“ (Social Diversity – An Area of Tension), which has been jointly initiated by ISOP and the University of Graz. It deals with questions of living together in our society. The project’s subtitle, “Die Charta des Zusammenlebens im Diskurs“ (The Charter for Living Together in Mutual Discourse) refers to a strategic paper developed by the Federal State Government of Styria which specifies basic behaviours and attitudes with regard to the way we deal with a society that is becoming more and more diverse in a very ambitious but also ambivalent manner.

Based on this, and referring to current political events, the exhibition planned by < rotor > intends to critically reflect issues in context with the transformation of society in Styria. Along with analysing the current situation, we are above all interested in developing visions of living together in diversity without exclusion and discrimination. According to Katharina Scherke (University of Graz) and Robert Reithofer (ISOP) this requires “thinking about how social living environments can be designed which do not exclude anybody on the basis of his or her gender, origin, age, or sexual orientation. Thus essential questions of social justice and mobility are also addressed.”

You can submit both existing works and proposals for new productions dealing with this subject. Along with the exhibition in the gallery space of
< rotor >, we are planning to realize works that leave their mark in the public space all over Styria.

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Visual artists who live in Styria and/or have a personal relationship to Styria are invited to submit their proposals. There is no age limit. Please send one copy of your submission in A4 format, either by email or by postal mail.

The submissions should include the following:
* project description and sketch (please 4 pages maximum)
* three examples of previous artworks (please restrict this to 6 pages)
* short biography
* contact information

Deadline for Submissions: 31 March 2015

A jury consisting of Daniela Grabovac (Antidiskriminierungsstelle Steiermark), Can Gülcü (member of the management team of WIENWOCHE and lecturer at the University of Graz), Eva Meran (< rotor >), Robert Reithofer (ISOP – Innovative Social Projects) and Maren Richter (freelance curator) will select the participating works. All contestants will be notified until mid-April. The exhibition opens on 12 June and runs until the end of July 2015.

Information Session
An evening at < rotor >, in the frame of which the subject will be examined and discussed in more detail and questions can be clarified is scheduled for March: Tue, 3 March 2015, 7 pm, at < rotor >

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