Pic.: Trööt!

>>     Daniel Hafner

Guest Artist from Graz in Celje &
Participation in the exhibition: It´s Playtime!

Opening: March 9, 2006

Exhibition: 10.3.- 26.3.2006
Likovni Salon Celje
Trg Celjskih Knezov 9
3000 Celje, Slovenia

In the frame of the artist-in-residence exchange programme of < rotor > andthe Likovni Salon in Celje, Slovenia, the artist Daniel Hafner (Graz/ Vienna) spent at the beginning of the year one month in Celje. In the exhibition"Cas je za igro! It´s Playtime!" in the Likovni Salon/Gallery of Contemporary Art Celje he presents the work „TRÖÖÖT“.

Daniel Hafner, born in 1979, lives and works in Graz and Vienna.
Graduated at the Master school for Art and Design Graz, at the moment he sutdies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Numerous participation of exhibitons in Graz and Vienna.