Nilbar Güres, „On My Way to My Identity“, 2016; Courtesy Galerie Martin Janda, Wien; Foto: Thomas Raggam





FOR... the dancing on the street
Collage Workshop

Wednesday , October 04, 2023, 19:00
Location: < rotor >, Volksgartenstraße 6a, Graz


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The workshop series "Immersing yourself in the exhibition together"... goes into the next round. In this format, participants have the the opportunity to immerse themselves in the current exhibition trough creative exercises and try out different materials and artistic techniques.

Inspired by the work "On My Way to My Idendity" by Nilbar Güreş
we dedicate ourselves this time to collage and assemblag. In her work
Nilbar Güreş explores female identity, the role and perception of women in society, as well as the relationships between women. She also deals with the image of Muslim women in Europe.

Inspired by this, various materialities and elements are used to create
individual compositions around the theme of identity.
Together we embark on an experimental search for our own identity..
The designed collages can, of course, be taken home.

Sufficient materials are available, but you are welcome to bring additional
material (magazines, fabrics, etc.).
Previous experience is not necessary.

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