"TOHUBASSBUUH", 2014. Graphic: Christian Bretter.

Workshop with bankleer from Berlin

in the frame of OPEN MODES 2015

Monday, 13. July to Friday, 17. July 2015
in Volksgarten, 8020 Graz

Final event:
Public picnic in Volksgarten on Saturday 18 July, 11:30 am

Time: Daily, coffee and talk at 10am in <rotor>,
core hours from 11am - 3pm
in Volksgarten

Target Audience: Park visitors as well as rappers, poets, singers, city experts, historians, activists and philosophers
Language: German

Number of participants: Max. 12 Persons
Participation fee: EUR 50, Possibilty of stipend

bankleer brings from Berlin an oversized megaphone on a cargo-bike equipped with a sound system. The Tohubassbuuh is mobile, it can reach different city areas and allows, for example, historical monument to speak out loud.

Texts and sounds developed during the workshop will be use in a final performance with the Tohubassbuuh. In parallel to this, preexisting found situations in public spaces should be expanded using current sculptural and two-dimensional expressive possibilities. Documentary or staged photos, painting or street art can be used as raw material.


02. - 18. JULY 2015

OPEN MODES is a network developed by nine Graz institutions and initiatives; its projects confront the changing requirements for educating artists in the wake of a continuing discussion of the deteriorating conditions for "Bildung" in general. As part of a reflective practice of producing art, this experimental platform allows for self-determined production of knowledge and its permutation into common resources.

OPEN MODES GRAZ is an initiative of:
Akademie Graz | Camera Austria | esc medien kunst labor
Forum Stadtpark | Grazer Kunstverein | IZK Institut für zeitgenössische Kunst der TU Graz | Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst und Medien | < rotor > center for contemporary art | Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz