Mariel R. Rodríguez, Aquarell from the series „Hydra“, 2020-2022





Beings & Creatures. Chapter 4: Finissage
Workshop, Artist Talks, Video Presentation and Contemporary Music

Saturday, May 27 2023, 15:00 – 17:00
Location: < rotor >, Volksgartenstraße 6a, Graz


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Programme of the finissage:
from 14:00: Workshop with techniques by Mariel R. Rodríguez
under the direction of Laura Urdl;
from 15:00: Talk with the artists Mariel R. Rodríguez
and Ádám Ulbert, afterwards: Presentation of the video of the
opening performance with Otto Oscar Hernández Ruiz;
With musical contributions by violinist Sophia Goidinger-Koch

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On the last day of the exhibition "BEINGS & CREATURES. Chapter 4: Beyond the Tangible", the conclusion of the four-part exhibition series BEINGS & CREATURES, there will once again be an opportunity to get in touch with some of the artists.

First of all, Laura Urdl from the < rotor > art education team will lead
a workshop based on painting techniques Mariel R. Rodríguez uses in her watercolour series "Hydra".

Afterwards, Ádám Ulbert will give a closer insight into his works on
display, which are mainly from the series "The Forthcoming Epoch of
the Salamander". Mariel R. Rodríguez will also be present, and will
talk about the creation and background of the "Hydra" series.

Finally, the opportunity has arisen not only to show a short video of
the performance on the day of the opening, but also to have the
performer Otto Oscar Hernández Ruiz on site again.

The violinist Sophia Goidinger-Koch will structure the afternoon with pieces of contemporary music. This will take place in the framework of impuls@< rotor > - thank you very much for this wonderful collaboration!

Sophia Goidinger-Koch will play the following pieces on the violin:
Matthias Pintscher Study III for Treatise on the Veil, for violin solo (2007)
Salvatore Sciarrino aus 6 Capricci: Caprice No. 2, for violin solo (1976)
Pauline Oliveros from the Anthology of Text Scores (2013): Pauline's Solo

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