Pic.: Adina Camhy & Coline Robin, aus dem Projekt "Wolke", 2019.



A Network Project of Many Perspectives
in cooperation with the Department for Youth and Family
of the Municipality of Graz

Presentation of the project results:
Tuesday, November 26, 2019, 5 pm
Contributions by:
Adina Camhy & Coline Robin, artists
Municipal Councillor Anna Hopper, as representative of
City Councillor Kurt Hohensinner
Former President of the State Parliament Kurt Flecker
Head of Department Ingrid Krammer
Moderation: Anton Lederer, < rotor >

Project team: Adina Camhy, Coline Robin, supported by
Robin Klengel, Lena Prehal & Markus Waitschacher

Project period: Spring 2019 – November 2019

Photos from the presentation

Photos from the installation


Who will see that Johanna has lunch on the table after school? Where can Sam go if things get too cramped for him at home? Who looks after Aisha’s children while she is attending the German course? Where does Ali meet his friends to play football? Where can Marion turn if everything becomes too much for her at home? Where do Amina and Nadia find room to dance? Who is Milan calling when he wants to talk? Where can Lili feel free?

In spring 2019, the project “Wolke” (Cloud) was launched, an artistic dialogue with people who visit the Department for Youth and Family of the Municipality of Graz and its branch offices or cooperate with them. The project team, consisting of artists, architects and cultural anthropologists, wanted to use artistic means to provide an insight into the personal support networks of young people and families.

Now the results of the many conversations within the framework of this project will be presented: the artists Adina Camhy and Coline Robin have created an expansive installation in the staircase of the Department for Youth and Family, a large mobile based on the conversations. Five booklets for the young and the young at heart are published to accompany the project, each containing many drawings, quotes from conversations and further in-depth texts.

Exciting impressions await the guests of the presentation, a delicious buffet prepared by Jugend am Werk and a musical programme by students of the BORG Monsberger secondary school. The artists Adina Camhy and Coline Robin will report on the background, development and significance of the project, and there will be short speeches by City Councillor Kurt Hohensinner, former President of the Styrian State Parliament Kurt Flecker and Head of Department Ingrid Krammer. As a participant of the project, Anton Lederer from < rotor > will be the moderator and guide through the evening.

Project executing organisations: Department for Youth and Family of the Municipality of Graz, < rotor > center for contemporary art and the Styrian Society for Cultural Politics.