in Art and Neighbourhood
11. - 25. September 2021

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11.9. ILA + Eliana Otta + farmers market of Lendplatz
24.9. Nayari Castillo + Frauenservice Graz

15.9. Nicole Pruckermayr + Jugendstreetwork Graz
17.9. Matthias Jäger + GUKUBI

16.9. Katcha Bilek + YAP - Young Active People
23.9. Christina Lederhaas + RosaLilaPantherInnen

22 .9. Severin Hirsch + KAMBUKE /
Caritas of the Diocese of
23.9. Johanna Hierzegger + DANAIDA

Platz der Begegnung
25 .9. Daniela Brasil and friends + Mama Lee Afro Salon
+ Grieskram

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THE SCHOOL OF THE WE is < rotor >´s contribution to the extended Graz Cultural Year 2020. In the premises of < rotor > and on five locations in the Annenviertel neighbourhood, the formation of a collective subject is questioned and at the same time supported. In this respect, conviviality is a key concept for living together.

Throughout 14 days in September, a series of "Exercises in Art and Neighbourhood" will take place on the five locations in the neighbourhood, around the "Islands of Conviviality" designed in participatory practice. For this purpose, artists have been invited to devise an exercise for the respective location, which, based on artistic practices, addresses residents and passers-by. Most of these exercises will take place in cooperation with local organisations: Frauenservice Graz, DANAIDA, KAMBUKE / Caritas of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau, YAP - Young Active People, RosaLila PantherInnen, etc.

The exercises will take place at different hours of the day and can have the characteristics of workshops, performances or interventions. Most of the events will be public events where the public is welcome - and also invited to actively participate. A few exercises will be closed-door events which are held together with vulnerable groups.

Structurally, THE SCHOOL OF THE WE is built on the participation of people in artistic processes. Through getting involved in the artistic production or through one´s own creative activities within the framework of the individual projects, a relationship to the work of art, and the subject addressed respectively, as well as to the location of the event is created. This relation is different when someone approaches a work of art as a mere observer.

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THE SCHOOL OF THE WE is a project by < rotor > centre of contemporary art within the framework of:

The EXERCISES in Art and Neighbourhood are made possible by Frischluft - art in public space of BMKÖS.