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>> Symposium:
multi-perspective approaches to both historical and current aspects of escape and expulsion

on Saturday, 12 March 2016, 2 pm
Location: ISOP, Dreihackengasse 2, 8020 Graz

In the frame of the exhibition
"Persecuted, Robbed, Expelled - Artistic Works on Repression in Vienna and Graz in the Nazi Era"

With currently almost 60 million people, there haven’t been more refugees worldwide since World War II. Back then as well as today, people were forced to leave their native countries for different reasons: War, political, ethnic, or religious persecution, hunger and distress have turned countless humans into expellees and refugees. International politics failed back then as well as today: At the Évian Conference of 1938, most of the participating countries refused to increase the immigration quota for people persecuted by the Nazis. Currently, politicians are convening on local, national, and EU levels in order to resolve on “upper limits” for refugees and asylum seekers and measures for “protecting” the EU external borders.

The symposium “Escape Yesterday and Today” is going to approach the subject from many different angles and deal with different both historical and up-to-date aspects of escape and expulsion.


2 pm:
Welcome Coffee

2:15 pm:

2:25 pm:
Gabriele Anderl "At Closed gates – The Meaning of Escape Aid from the 1930ies to Today"

3 pm:
Victoria Kumar "Austrian Jews Looking for Possibilities to Escape the National Socialists"

3:35 pm:
Petra Gerschner / Michael Backmund "From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to Building Walls – 1989 to 2016: a Picture-text Collage about Resistance, the Coordinates of Fights against War, Globalised Capitalism and Racist Exclusion"

4:15 - 4:30 pm:

4:35 pm:
Robert Reithofer "Perspectives on a Refugee Policy Respecting Human Rights – Attempt of a Transnational Approach"

5 pm:
Ronald Frühwirth "Chaos and Calculus — A View on Austrian Asylum Law"

5:35 pm:
Nicola Baloch "Delivering Humanity to Refugees. Humanitarian Aid Convoys to the Hotspots of the
”Balkan Route“ – Report and Exchange."

6:15-6:30 pm:

6:35 pm:
Can Gülcü "Summer of 2015 – Stories of Political Anti-racism, Self-organisation, Activism, Direct Action"

7:10 pm:
Christoph Reinprecht "The Absence of the Present. On the Tracks of Migration´s Memory"

Musical accompaniment by Hans Breuer:
"Our Songs Are Our Weapons. Always Fleeing, but Never without Hope (a Story about Escape in Song Documents)"

Followed by a get-together at the ISOP plauderBar.

The lectures will be primarily held in German.

Organised by: < rotor >

Admission free!