Pic.: Anna Witt, from the project: ''The Right Of The Pavement'', video still, 2012.


OFF-BIENNALE BUDAPEST. Independent. Contemporary. Art

Opening of the exhibition:
on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 8pm
in Supermarket Gallery, Budapest

Participating artists:
Ovidiu Anton, Lörinc Borsos, Anna Witt, Hannes Zebedin

Curated by:
Margarethe Makovec & Anton Lederer

Duration: 25.4. - 31.5.15

Opening Hours:

Tuesday–Saturday 1pm–6pm

Opening Hours during the opening weekend:
24.–Sunday 26.4.: 2 pm–8pm

Location: Supermarket Gallery, Brody Sándor 17,
1088 Budapest, Hungary

Admission free!

The social framework of coexistence is based on an agreement that is always negotiated anew. In the beginning, there was paradise. According to the understanding of many religions there was a primeval state when all beings lived together peacefully and free from care. And, in a certain way, all human aspirations aim to re-establish this state. However, there are countless political concepts and social utopias to achieve this aim. From autocracy, where Paradise on earth is supposed to be there for only a few people, to democratic and communist forms of government, the welfare state, right down to anarchistic models.

Where people live together, the power structures and/or the alternative concepts opposing them are always codified-from the representative gesture of the ruling class, down to the anarchist token. Yet, the signs are not always equally obvious for everybody. Alternatively, we should remain observant and recognise the occurences in our everyday environment in order to shed light on our individual blind spots in our search for a better world. The contributions to the exhibition BLIND SPOTS can be understood as reflections on the questions which forces within society work on, and visions of coexistence and/or positive developments.

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