Pic.: Stumbling Stones Simon Salzmann, Elsa Salzmann, Harald Salzmann.
Photo: JJKucek
Association for the Culture of Remembrance in Graz




on Saturday, 21 May 2016, 3 pm
at < rotor >,
Volksgartenstraße 6a, 8020 Graz


On the occassion of the exhibition:
"Persecuted, robbed, expelled - Artistic Works on Repression in Vienna and Graz in the Nazi Era"

3 pm:
INTRODUCTION to the exhibition by the curators

3:30 pm:
TOUR through the exhibition
Jewish tradespeople as victims of the fascism
Joachim Hainzl, XENOS - Verein zur Förderung der soziokulturellen Vielfalt

While Nazis and their helpers commited "wild aryanisations" to the economy in Graz from March 1938, the later work by the Centre for the Supervision of the Aryanisation of Jewish Businesses was also one of the many perpetrators, who acted from the office. Some of their practices and motifs of this raid will be shown in the frame of the tour through the exhibition. Also, the long history and background of creating the enemy image of Jewish tradespeople, as well as the reversal of perpetrators and victims after 1945 will be made a subject of discussion.

COMMEMORATIVE WALK to a selection of the "Stumbling Stones" in Graz and former adresses of Jewish tradespeople until 1938 in the areas of Lend and Gries.

conducted by Daniela Grabe (Association for the Culture of Remembrance in Graz) and Victoria Kumar (Centrum für Jüdische Studien/Association for the Culture of Remebrance in Graz)

Organised by: Association for the Culture of Remembrance in Graz & < rotor >

Admission free!