Pic.: Lori Lako, Klosterwiesgasse 74, 2021.





>> Lecture Performance


Styria-Artist-in-Residence (St.A.i.R.) and < rotor > present a lecture performance by the artist Lori Lako

on Thursday, 27. May 2021, 16:00
Location: Public space in front of the house at Klosterwiesgasse 74, 8010, Graz






"Lasgush Poradeci studied in Graz, that's what my father told me one afternoon in 1998, while I was trying to memorize one of his poems called Poradeci, an ode to Pogradec, his and my birthplace, which Lasgush used to bear as a surname already when he was twenty years old. Many years have passed since then, yet I remember how the name of the foreign city gave rise to a beautiful vision in my mind. At that time, 7 years after the fall of one of the harshest dictatorial regimes that isolated Albania from the rest of the world for 45 years, traveling outside the country, if not in the framework of emigration, which often happened illegally, was very complicated and often impossible. Meanwhile, as my knowledge of the poet Lasgush Poradeci, as a significant figure in Albania has grown, so has my engagement with what is politically understood as Europe." Lori Lako.

Lasgush Poradeci's curious personality and the old memory of hearing the name Graz for the first time in this context resurfaced during the residency as a visiting artist of the St.A.i.R program here in Graz.

In the context of the Lecture Performance the artist Lori Lako makes the attempt to "bring back" the poet Lasgush Poradeci to the house Klosterweisgasse 74, where he lived during (1924-1933), the artist is concerned to understand history as a living thing that connects people.

The Lecture Performance will be held in English and Albanian.

Lori Lako was born in 1991 in Pogradec, Albania. Studied multimedia art at the Academy of Arts in Florence, Italy, where she currently lives and works. In 2020 she won the "Ardhje Award", for young visual artists, organized by Zeta Gallery, Tirana.