Sculpture in the Garden of Encounter in Traiskirchen by Farila Neshat, 2023 (Photo: Stefan Burghart)





FOR... the dancing on the street
Archive talk #3
Forms of Resistance in Afghanistan
with Masomah Regl, Farila Neshat and Negin Rezaie
Friday, October 13, 2023, 19:00
Location: < rotor >, Volksgartenstraße 6a, Graz


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On the occasion of the protest movement "Woman. Live. Freedom", the artist Negin Rezaie set up an open archive of ephemeral forms of protest and an associated conversation space at the Hinterland Gallery in Vienna from March to June 2023 . Five archive talks took place during the exhibition period.

Guests from the fields of activism, media, science and the arts opened the archive, brought up the searing testimonies of struggle, and resurrected the sealed gestures of resistance once again. Through images and videos, they approached the questions that preoccupy many these days: Will this revolution for life succeed? What comes afterwards? And what can we learn from it for other struggles?

The series is now being continued in < rotor > with three more archive talks.

In the third Archive Talk, Masomah Regl and Farila Neshat talk about forms of resistance in Afghanistan. Following the withdrawal of U.S.troops,Taliban, classified as a radical Islamic terrorist organisation, took back power in summer of 2021. Our guests will speak about the current situation as well as forms of resistance and protest in Afghanistan.

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