Jinwar: the free women’s ecological village, Photo: Courtesy of Jinwar.org





FOR ... dancing on the street
Archive Talk #1
Reconstruction as a Strategy
of Resistance

with Negin Rezaie, İpek Yüksek and Aysenur Yildirim
Thursday, 20. July 2023, 19:00

Location : < rotor >, Volksgartenstraße 6a, Graz


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On the occasion of the protest movement "Woman. Live. Freedom",
artist Negin Rezaie set up an open archive of ephemeral forms of
protest and an accompanying conversation space from March to June
in 2023 at hinterland Gallery in Vienna. During the exhibition period
five archive talks took place there.

Guests from the fields of activism, media, academia and the arts opened
up the archive, brought up the searing testimonies of struggle, and
resurrected the sealed gestures of resistance once again. Through
images and videos, they approached the questions, that preoccupy
many people these days: Will this revolution for life be successful?
What comes afterwards? And what can we learn from it for
other struggles?

The series will now be continued in < rotor > with three more archive talks.

In the first archive talk, İpek Yüksek and Aysenur Yildirim will speak with
Negin Rezaie about the reconstruction of living spaces as a form of resistance on a feminist basis. How are the women, in the regions in Turkey, that got hit by the earthquake? How did women build an entire village, resorting on Kurdish feminism? The conversation will explore commonalities that
transcend national borders.

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