"A B C shit and pee", 2015. Photo: J.J. Kucek.



>> A B C shit and pee

text installation, 2015

An artistic participation project from the ANTICOOL COMPANY* with the pupils of NMS St. Andrä for the redesign of the sanitary facilities.

For an extended period, the sanitary facilities of the school NMS St. Andrä were repeatedly affected by vandalism. In response to this, the ISOP social workers of the school and < rotor > center for contemporary art assigned an artistic project to the ANTICOOL COMPANY. The group took the multilinguality and the well-known habit of writing on toilet walls as a starting point for their redesign.

During a long-term participation project, including workshops and actions, the group collected sayings, mottos and adages in the various (native) languages that are spoken in the school. Over 200 pupils and their parents participated in the project and contributed sayings in 14 languages. Out of this extensive material, the ANTICOOL COMPANY developed a long lasting remake of the sanitary facilities. The official opening is on March 18th 2015.

* The ANTICOOL COMPANY consists of Majda di Krivograd, Karin Schagerl and Marina Stiegler. The three women come from the fields of art, architecture, social work and art therapy. Together, they realise participatory art projects..

A co-operative project by:
NMS St. Andrä
< rotor > center for contemporary art

Supported by:
City Graz / Department for Education and Integration