Mission Statement
< rotor >'s programme starts from visual arts and focuses on artistic works that explicitly deal with the social, political, ecological and economic questions of the present day..

< rotor > presents contemporary art, provides essential content for discussion and communicates contemporary art to a broad public. As often as possible, the artists involved in the programme are enabled to produce new works.

Promoting cooperation and networked action are essential elements of the < rotor > philosophy. This concerns networking efforts within the art field but also means acting beyond the boundaries of art by involving people and organisations from different backgrounds in the programming.

The search for satisfactory methods of collaboration and possibilities of participation in artistic processes for the public in general or for specific target audiences is another main focus.

For < rotor >, the public space is an important setting to make art happen. Leaving the boundaries of the art space is used to actively bring people into contact with art and thus to expand the audience.

< rotor >’s premises are located in the Graz Annenviertel. In this neighbourhood, < rotor > is active in the long term to make urban transformations a subject and to make a constructive contribution to living together in an diverse urban district.

Since it was founded in 1999, < rotor > has maintained a dense network of organisations and artists in many European countries and beyond. Particularly strong ties have existed from the outset with Central and Southeastern Europe.

From a business point of view, < rotor > strives to follow the values of an economy for the common good: Human dignity, solidarity, ecological sustainability, social justice, democracy, participation & transparency.

Margarethe Makovec (rotor [at] mur.at)
Anton Lederer (anton.lederer [at] mur.at)

Office Management:
Christine Six (christine.six [at] mur.at)

Project Management, Press:
Anna Kohlhauser (kohlhauser [at] rotor.mur.at)

Project Assistance:
Chathrine Thordahl Petersen (petersen [at] rotor.mur.at)
Sara Sarcinella (sarcinella [at] rotor.mur.at)
(Volunteers in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps)

Exhibition Set-up/Facilities:
Ousman Bah

Graphic Design: Christian Bretter

Managing Commitee:
Chairman: Anton Lederer
Deputy Chairwoman: Judith Laister
Treasurer: Katharina Hofmann-Sewera
Deputy Treasurer: Florian Arlt

Advisory Board:
Martin Behr
Daniela Brasil
Adina Camhy
Marlene Hausegger
Marleen Leitner
Michael Schitnig
Anna Schwinger
Eva Taxacher

Michael Petrowitsch
Brigitte Schlick

Ingo Abeska, Ovidiu Anton, Florian Arlt, Ousman Bah, Martin Behr,
Daniela Brasil, Christian Bretter, Adina Camhy, Nayarí Castillo,
Lucia Dellefant, Günther Eisenhut, ENKS, Beba Fink,
Richard Frankenberger, Brigitte Fritsch, Hermine Grabner,
Gerhard Gross, Emil Gruber, Michael Gumhold, Joachim Hainzl,
Antje Harreiter + Gerald Payer, Marlene Hausegger, Anita Lili Haxhija,
Severin Hirsch, Ralph Hoedt, Kathi Hofmann-Sewera, ILA,
Marlies Jaklitsch, Markus Jeschaunig, Kurt Jungwirth, Robin Klengel,
Claudia Klucaric, Roman Klug, Anna Kohlhauser, Elke Krasny,
Martin Krenn, Gregor Krištof,Judith Laister, Anton Lederer,
Hans und Grete Lederer, Andreas Leikauf, Karin Lernbeiß, Birgit Lurz,
Angelika Maierhofer, Clemens Mair, Margarethe Makovec, Eva Meran,
Bettina Messner, Maryam Mohammadi, Marie D. Neugebauer,
Karin Oberhuber, Martin Osterider, Michael Petrowitsch,
Bernadette Petschmann, Kathrin Plavčak, Lisl Ponger, Erwin Posarnig,
Antje Prisker, Doris Psenicnik, RESANITA - Resa Pernthaller + Anita Fuchs,
Oliver Ressler, Isa Riedl, Isa Rosenberger, Genoveva Rückert,
Marusa Sagadin, Başak Şenova, Klaus Schafler, Evelyn Schalk,
Wolfgang Schlag, Brigitte Schlick, Judith Schwentner,
Anna Schwinger + Christoph Loidl, Walter Seidl, Tim Sharp, Christine Six,
Eva Maria Stadler, Edda Strobl,
studio ASYNCHROME - Marleen Leitner + Michael Schitnig,
Markus Waitschacher,Max Wegscheidler, Bernhard Wolf, Jun Yang,
Moira Zoitl, zweintopf - Eva Pichler + Gerhard Pichler

Corresponding Members
Michael Backmund, bankleer - Karin Kasböck + Christoph Leitner,
Dante Buu,Petra Gerschner, Miha Horvat, Michal Koleček, Zdena Kolečková,
Damian Le Bas (†), Delaine Le Bas, Csaba Nemes, Nikolay Oleynikov